• Lee Goettl

What Day is it?

I'll be honest, the days are starting to blend together. I had to actually stop and think what day it was today, and finding out that it was Monday didn't really disappoint me. They're all just blending together.

Before COVID-19 hit, I wasn't out of the house all that much, but then, once school pickups and dropoffs disappeared, heading to the record store, grabbing's weird. Then working 2 jobs, the day job, then working on all blurs together. On the other hand, I'm thankful for even having the 1 job.

I have a feeling that once everything gets the all-clear, things will have changed for the better just a little bit, with either people learning to slow down a bit, or, just that the environment got a few months to collect its breath. Not expecting everyone to join arms and sing together, but the slightest shred of improvement is better than nothing at all. 2020 has made even the smallest silver lining look like a gold mine.

Anyhow, hope everyone's healthy. Listen to some audiobooks.



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