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Wearing and Tearing

Since it's been a busy summer (thankfully), the booth time has been pretty consistent. Since that's the case, the voice has been under constant use. During the winter, the treatment here is usually taking breaks often, drinking tea constantly, and some Greuthers lozenges. During the summer...the tea isn't as great an answer, since the booth is hot, meaning you're hot, and drinking hot tea just makes you feel like you're in a sweatbox. I'm not a fan of iced tea, either, so that's not going to help. Lukewarm tea has been the answer. Not great, but I'm not paid to sound like Tom Waits, which will be the case if I keep this pace up without taking care of things.

Awaiting a portable XLR mic adapter soon. Love my gadgets. This will be handy in the post-corona world, if having to spend any time in hotels and needing to get work done is the case. Looking forward to it. Allows me to record onto my Ipad with my normal mics.

Thankfully, one thing that doesn't really bother me when the voice is in less than perfect condition, but needs to get done are pickups. These are where I've made errors, and am nicely told to fix them. It's less taxing on the voice, and, if you're decent enough, you don't have too many to correct. Tooting my own horn, I worked on a 3 hour book, and only had 3 errors, all in the first 5 minutes. Pretty proud of myself for that one.

In a good mood. Bournemouth just beat Leicester City 4-1. It's a good day.


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