• Lee Goettl

Voice Things

Hi everyone.

Getting prepped for some auditioning and some straight-up narrating tonight. Haven't had to audition as much lately (this is kind of a good thing, I've had enough work where I don't need to), but as more books are finished, more space is starting to free up. Still have plenty of work, just managing to get my weekends (kind of) back.

Still trying to perfect or at least not embarrass myself working on female voices...I think I've got it down, but I have an audition that might make or break depending on if I can do male/female to the author's, the nerves are in full swing.

I have to say, though, the best part of this job is being able to read some awesome books, or books that I normally don't read. I narrated a book on city building, regarding how certain cities are put together, and now I'm interested in the whole process. Because of it, I'm now reading Caro's book on Robert Moses, The Power Broker. The size of that book is ridiculous. Guessing it'd take at least half a year to narrate that thing. Thankfully, someone already had that job.

Ok, enough rambling on my end.




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