• Lee Goettl

Veritable Cornucopia

A relatively new week, a new bunch of books to read.

Since starting up the fiction novels, it's been fun reading about these different worlds and characters; trying to give them the depth the author meant them to have. Obviously, part of that is creating a voice for the character.

For those that don't know, I've been pretty good at either mimicking or creating voices for a good chunk of my life. Hell, dare I say 90% of it. But, the first time I was in front of the manuscript, thinking of different voices...nothing.

The brain went blank.

I realized that it takes more than being able to do a good Christopher Walken or Bill Clinton voice--this is voice acting, not just "doing a voice". Different skillset than just reading non-fiction. So I did what any self respecting artist would do, check out how the Pros do it on YouTube.

I'm a guy with a relatively low voice, so female characters were going to be tough. But I'll say this: Patrick Fraley is a genius. Helped me NOT sound like Michael Jackson when voicing a female character.

Now, I'm in the midst of a few large novels that have a plethora of characters, but I definitely feel less intimidated by the work.



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