• Lee Goettl

Tongue Tied.

One of those nights. Could not speak a coherent sentence for the life of me. Trying to narrate tonight was impossible. It was like a timer went off in my brain every 3 sentences or so that said "try pronouncing this like your tongue didn't exist", or something along those lines.

Managed to make my way through it, switched things up, did some auditions instead of audiobooks, and finally, my tongue/brain managed to work out whatever issues they were having.

On the lighter side of things, I was sent another book to work on, which is always a good thing. I've noticed I get a little anxious if I don't have more than 3 books queued up.

Been auditioning for more fiction lately, getting to stretch those vocal muscles---doing the character work has been a blast. Now, if I could get some history books to narrate, in addition, well, dream come true.



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