• Lee Goettl

Times Like These


What else can you say? Since about 2015- onward, it's been something every week. This week, it seemed like 30 things every day. And there's really no precedent. A virus that moved across the world, and you could track it in realtime via twitter, right on the ground level. Then seeing other countries shut down. Then WE shut down. No sports, no major social gatherings, raids on grocery stores. Schools shutting down. Parents trying to figure out how to balance having their younger kids at home while trying to work.

It's uncharted territory. Can't say there's many survivors that remember the 1918 flu epidemic, and even if there were, the world is nearly so completely different, we could barely relate. You had one source, the newspaper, and that was about it. Now, there's so many sources, you don't know what to believe. The best seems to be the CDC website, but there have been instances where even they've lagged behind. Then you have people like Alex Jones, trying to sell a "cure" when no such thing exists, whether you believe it or not. Or perhaps the response is to say that everyone's overreacting. Doubtful, if the whole world is trying to work to get rid of it. The hardest part to explain is that if the prevention measures worked perfectly, then people SHOULDN'T be getting sick.

I'll get off my soapbox.

But it's a little scary. Understandable. Jobs, school, health, and hanging/chilling out are pretty much what we are as adults. And this screwed all that up.

But we have books. We have, ahem, AUDIObooks. Fire up the dvd player. Stream something interesting. Go work in the garage. Something to take your mind off of it. Or, if you're a masochist, listen to The Immune (plug) or The Stand.

It'll eventually pass. I have no idea when, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little freaked out myself. But I know it'll pass. Things will be a little different. But hopefully, this is going to be one of those things you tell your grandkids about, and they'll either be amazed, or bored to tears and telling you that your breath smells and to leave them alone.

If you need an audiobook to pass the time, reach out, I have some codes for free ones I can give away.

And we'll be fine.



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