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Hi everyone, hope the end of the summer months are treating you well.

Had a great time while attending the MAVO Happy Hour yesterday, managed to luck out and win a half hour session with the truly great Johnny Heller, audiobook narrator Supreme Being. The man is a great listen, and has an incredible amount audiobooks under his belt. So, looking forward to that.

The other neat thing I've been enjoying about these sessions, both at MAVO and at OneVoiceConference is the breakout sessions. I've learned so much from others during these sessions, and have been able to teach others during them as well. There has to be some silver linings during the COVID era, right?

Having some deja vu as of late, recording a sequel for a book I had previously narrated. It's fun revisiting the characters, and it's interesting to hear how much things have improved, audio-wise, with what I've recorded so far. I believe I recorded the initial book with the AT4047, but am using the Sennheiser 416 on this one. Using some newer tech, as well; the SSL2 audio interface as opposed to the Focusrite I was using is a nice upgrade. And that's the gameplan, upgrading the equipment as the jobs get bigger and better. I'd say I'm pretty well set for now.

Been looking to get that YouTube channel started, should have that at least have ONE piece of content before the end of next week. No promises, though. And I'll post once I do.

Okey doke. Waiting out the weather delay in the middle of the MN United game.

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