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I genuinely enjoy doing this work. Over the years, I've worked jobs that dealt with the audio side of things, like working for a radio station, straight out of high school; interesting story: I was interning for a local radio station, worked over the summer, occasionally made it on air, then...the morning newsreader (from the UK), wasn't able to make it back to the States for whatever reason. I was lucky enough to read the news for a few months (during the 1996 election, no less), interview some politicians, and even do a mean Ross Perot impersonation during this time.

I loved it, but college was calling, and since I wasn't reading the news, my ADHD brain lost interest, and I left. But it was a blast. And I was on the tail end of the analog side of radio heading into the digital recording portion. Perfect timing. It fueled my already insatiable taste for all things recording.

Looking back, who knows what would have happened if I stuck with it, but I'm glad that I've gone down the audiobook path. Somewhere down the line, I'd like to fire up a podcast, but for the time being, this has been pretty fun.

BTW--anyone interested in a history podcast?


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