• Lee Goettl

The Art of Recording

I've mentioned before how I started recording when I was young, using a lovely ol' tape recorder. Push Record and Play, and then go to town. Keep going until the TDK, Maxell, or Memorex ran out (I personally was a TDK kid).

Back then, you'd plug in the mic, or, if it had it, the tape recorder had it built into it. I preferred using a handheld mic, just because, in my little mind, I thought it seemed more professional. If that didn't work, I used a broken headphone from a Walkman. It made for a pretty good substitute!

Now, though, I'm curious how I'd go about things if I were a kid looking to get into recording for fun. I'd need a laptop or a digital recorder, not necessarily cheap items. Then again, old smartphones would work fine, if you have the storage.

If I were starting from scratch, though, the free software available now is awesome. Audacity is a blast to work with, and you can get some pretty funky sounding audio clips if you mess with it.

My little one is getting in on dad's line of work. She's recorded books she's written, and gets a kick out of doing "interviews". I may just get a bigger kick out of it.



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