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Summer's End

Hi all, catching the last warm days of the summer here (possibly?), getting prepped for all things fall, and looking forward to it.

I used to love the summer, but man, oh man, living in AZ pretty much killed that for me. After dealing with triple digit heat more than should be humanly allowed, I had enough. I will take a Wisconsin winter over a Phoenix summer any day. You can always pile more clothes on, whereas, there's a limit to what you can take off.

Had a little bit of downtime, due more to my voice needing the rest vs. lack of work. Been able to have some interesting things happen, though. Won a half hour meeting with Johnny Heller, that paid off dividends. The man is a top narrator for a good reason. More than one, actually.

Watching the Ken Burns National Parks doc. I could watch that endlessly. Visually incredible and impeccably narrated by Peter Coyote (primarily).

A quick note on a piece of software that I used. I started using Pozotron on one of my projects, and holy cow, it's a game changer. You upload the script you're working on, then the audio you recorded, then it find the possible errors you made while narrating. Major time saver. (had a free 7hr trial thru the One Voice Conference) I'll definitely be using it for future projects.

Ok, time to get some work done.


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