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Hi everyone.

It's been a hot July, with temps here in the Eau Claire area over 90 just about everyday. Not a big deal if you live in the greater Phoenix area, but here, mixed with the humidity...blecchh.

Thankfully, the booth is pretty decent at staying cool without having to sacrifice anything in the name of sound. The beauty of this line of work is, if you're recording from home, dress code is what you make it. I make it a t-shirt and shorts this time of year.

It's been pretty busy as of late, the commercial/medical/e-learning demos have been sent out (and still are being sent) across the globe, and plenty of audiobook work has been coming in. Varied, too. Non-fiction and fiction. It's always nice to switch between both. One session, I'm talking about approaching mathematics to students, then in the next, I'm a sci-fi mercenary.

Someone who has taken a lot of interest in the VO biz is my daughter, who says she's now a "student" of mine. She's pretty talented, and has her own books that's she's already narrated. She keeps me sharp.

So that's what's been going on around here lately. Hope everyone is staying cool, healthy and listening to their favorite audiobook.



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