• Lee Goettl


It's amazing what a difference a year can make. One year ago, I was still getting my feet wet with some smaller books, working on them with a Blue Snoball mic, using Audacity to edit, and using my day job (for now....?) office to record. It wasn't the most appealing, acoustically, but with a towel on the table, some padding around the mic, it got the job done.

Flash ahead a year, and I've got a MUCH better mic, am using (and always learning) more software and getting great sound, and have my own homemade booth, courtesy of my Bro and Father in law. Each step has been building on the last one, and it's been a wonderful, steady climb upward.

I'm incredibly lucky to do this, but also don't want to rest on my laurels. The books I've been getting recently have been incredible, and a treat to record. Hoping 2020 brings even bigger mountains to climb--the bigger the challenge, the more rewarding it's been. Aim high...maybe Walter Isaacson will get me to narrate his next mammoth tome. Or Stephen King.



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