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Greetings everyone. Been a little quiet lately, I apologize, but honestly, my mouth hasn't stopped moving--been really busy as of late. Getting some really great books to narrate as well--next level stuff.

Was watching Amazon Prime days this week, not really conducive to the narration/voiceover type. Not to say that we didn't spend a bit, but man, couldn't mark down some software or office chairs or SOMETHING along those lines?

Next gripe: The weather. My booth is in the basement, and my booth is pretty decent when it comes to soundproofing, but apparently not to heavy thunderstorms. I was trying to get some work done earlier, and it basically went like this:

"blah blah blah blah--" BOOM "Blah, blah" BOOM BOOOM BOOOOOOOM

It was pointless to continue. Thankfully, it cleared up later today, and I was able to get some stuff done.

Ok, enough of my yakkin'. Watching a Minnesota United match and sorely missing Premier League soccer. Go Cherries.



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