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I wish I was writing about the old Atari 2600 game. (that one was one of my favorites...that pixelated vine over pixelated gators triggers instant nostalgia)

Instead, I'm writing about the pitfalls of VO work. I fell into one this week, namely, a sore throat. your choices are: just read your transcript over and over until you know it inside and out, or, if you have editing skills in your wheelhouse, you could do that, or you can write a blog. Obviously, you can see my choice.

The other thing, it's completely out of your control. If it lasts a week, then you're out for a week. Does your voice match the rest of what you already recorded? No? Gotta wait. Then the deadline creeps ever so closer.

In other news, the Premier League starts this weekend. So does the NFL. Predicting another Liverpool title and KC in the NFL wins the Super Bowl.

Just a lil' blog today.


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