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Greetings, readers, listeners,

Been a VERY busy couple of days, with no let up in sight. Finished a really interesting book for a client, a very good book. One of the longer ones I've done, clocking in at over 6 and a half hours. Moving on to even bigger books, guessing the next will clock in at close to 9, if not over. Still, not quite to Roy Dotrice levels, yet (and by that, I mean hour-wise. If you don't know who Roy Dotrice is, check him out and his performance of the Game of Thrones books. He's sadly no longer with us, but his catalogue of work on that series is the gold standard when it comes to character work. It's incredible.) , but hey, practice makes perfect. I'll get it right around the time I'm 90, I figure.

Another great thing about this line of work is learning...well, anything. I've learned more Mandarin and French phrases than I knew 2 weeks ago. Learned about city management and how it applies to large cities. In another book, learned the ins and outs of CBD oil. Coyote hunting in another. Being the nerd for knowledge that I am, it's a big benefit to the work, besides the financial compensation, of course.

Alright. Time to rest the voice, starting to sound like Bob Seger auditioning for a Tom Waits bio-pic.



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