• Lee Goettl

My Kind of Town

Chicago is...

Just got back from my favorite city on a late 10th anniversary trip with the Mrs., and had a blast. Didn't do anything remotely voiceover related, on the contrary, it was a good time to preserve the voice and stop for a couple days to maintain some sanity.

But it got me's a great time to work in this industry if you live anywhere besides the bigger markets (L.A.. NYC, Chicago), considering that there actually IS work for those of us that can't afford (or want) to move to these markets. Granted, there isn't as much, but the fact that I can go into my homemade booth and knock out some audiobooks or VO work is pretty incredible.

In other news, my laptop is out of repair and ready for service once again. WHEW. During its time in the shop, I've had to use 2 laptops, one of which, Audacity didn't decide to cooperate with (since it was the only software I could easily use on either laptop), but somehow, I got plenty done.

Back to work. And happy 4th.



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