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Lovely Pandemonium

Hi everyone,

Just had a great weekend watching videos, gaining inspiration, and getting to know a lot of great people during the One Voice Conference. It was a blast. There was so much to learn (and still learn, since they've been gracious enough to save the seminars to watch, if you haven't done so), my head grew 2 sizes larger.

My twitter feed grew due to the amount of new friends made; the beauty about that website is how it can do some actual good--learning new things from other fellow VO artists, getting a completely new perspective, it can be incredible, as opposed to the fountain of dreck that it can be.

Part of the inspiration led me to re-format the website a little, so take a look, give some feedback, let me know if it's great, if it stinks, or if you really don't care. I'm open to any criticism. Or praise.

But wow. It was quite the weekend. The conference via the internet was wild, I can only imagine what it'd be like in person!

There will be future changes to the website, trying make the site more pleasing and more "on brand" with who I am. Hopefully, with that, more work!


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