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Lighter Material

I titled this blog post 'Lighter Material', since that's all it is. There's nothing adding to the national conversation here, and I can't add anything better than what's been said already. People need to treat people better.

To the lighter stuff.

Nearly a month in, and I'm pleased with the results. The audiobook portion of the biz has been pretty robust, and I'm becoming a hermit locked in the booth. Debating whether or not I should get a volleyball named Wilson. It really has picked up since going full-time, and I'm grateful that's been the case.

Shuffling through my music on my phone, and I forgot that I had a dramatized version of "The Mist" by Stephen King. I believe it was from 1983; but it still kinda holds up. It's a trip to listen to through your headphones. THIS would be something fun to do, an audio play of some sort. One of these days. That goes on the to-do pile along with the podcast ideas and vlog. Unless they're casting for a Stephen King audio play, then I'll make room. Especially if someone can figure out how to turn "Home Delivery" into one. That's always been one I've been waiting for on the big screen.

We're now entering June, and with it has come a tad bit warmer temps. For those that don't spend half your day in a small booth, that means that regardless how much AC you have, you'll be wearing shorts in the booth. Thankfully, my booth doesn't get too bad, but still plenty warm. Funny enough, there was a point in my life where I'd never wear shorts...then living in Phoenix happened, and that personality quirk turned around quickly.

Ok, time to wrap it up here; so enjoy the warm weather (if you can), kick back, and listen to an audiobook. Fantasy land is a great place to visit nowadays, even if it's only for a few listens here and there.


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