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It's Time.

How's it going everyone? Sanity is safe here, since there wasn't much to begin with.

So, it's now one week until I fin ally take the leap. I'm going to be doing the VO career full time. It's a scary, but scary awesome leap, and it's definitely time to make the move. I've been lucky enough to have a great wife who supports me in this endeavor, and encouraged me consistently to keep at it. Getting consistent work has been an obvious reason to make this decision, on top of other opportunities in the commercial VO world, medical narration, e-learning (which you'll soon be hearing demos of on the website, produced by the legendary J. Michael Collins).

It's going to be a tremendous shift; but I've been working at this in some shape or form since I was a kid. Whether it was recording myself doing the top 10 with my parents' records, making bizarre talk show sketches with my brother, working in radio (for a brief, but incredible year), there was always some part of me that kept my toes in the sonic waters, so to speak.

So, once May 8th rolls around, \ I can officially say my job is solely, voiceover artist. Pretty damn cool.


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