• Lee Goettl

Getting Here

I was looking at a Reddit post about people that have been narrating audiobooks and the amount of time it took them to have anything that could be called success. Some have made a few books here and there, making enough to upgrade their equipment, but making it clearly a part-time gig. Others have been doing well enough to quit their day job. I'm closer to the latter, but still haven't been able to take the leap to quit the day job. (Getting there!)

It's been such a weird and wild trip doing this, there's so much variety in what's out there to audition for, and I've had the pleasure of doing everything from sci-fi to self-help books. I've learned that I apparently sound like Jeff Daniels when I narrate, which is something I can definitely say I've never heard before.

Getting close to one month until the great VO Atlanta conference. REALLY looking forward to it.

Anyhow, I was bored and just wanted to put out there how grateful and lucky I am for being able to do this.



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