• Lee Goettl


Hello all.

Currently working on a wonderful book that has quite a bit of character work in it. My voice is a little rough today, one of the characters required a gruff voice, so I went for something that went like Tom Waits meets Jesse Ventura. Minus the Minnesota accent. I'll be downing some soothe tea today due to this.

Creating a character is hard.

Part of narrating is being able to give the character some depth. I've taken improv classes (Second City Chicago grad), but haven't taken an acting class before. At the very least, I hope I'm doing justice to the author's characters. I'd like to think so, since I haven't been yelled at yet for the work in Future Days.

Waiting for my laptop to get repaired...thankfully, HP has a decent warranty, so it's free (for now), but man, it was a really inconvenient time to go on the fritz. I have horrible luck with laptops...might need to get a desktop for the booth.



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