• Lee Goettl

Branching Out

Hi again, everyone.

So put the final touches on reservations for the #VOAtlanta Conference in March. REALLY looking forward to it, since it's kind of a big deal. 4 days in Atlanta learning more about the voiceover side of things, as opposed to the narration work I've been doing. The goal (as of the previous post) was going to APAC this year, but after some research, this made more sense, if I really want to make this a full-time endeavor (which I do). APAC will be next year's learning experience.

The goal is to network, network, network, then find avenues into straight voiceover, animation, video games, etc. that would be a good fit. It won't be boring, even though it's 4 days, there's more seminars, speakers, and learning opportunities than there is time. It's going to be a blast. Getting to see Atlanta will be interesting, as well. Haven't been there since 2005, and it was only for a few hours.

Otherwise, on the narration front, it's been a little quiet--for the time being. A few opportunities are coming up, just not sure exactly when. Alas, the life of freelance vocal work.

Ok, time for me to work on some more auditions...



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