• Lee Goettl

Back to Work

After some serious auditioning, finally getting some work back in the ol' booth. Needless to say, I should have been doing something to keep the voice in shape, because after a month off without any consistent narrating or voice work, my voice is clearly not in shape to run a marathon. In this case, a marathon session in the booth.

Not to worry, though...Grether's Pastilles always save the day. I down those so much, I should get an endorsement deal. Hell, I'd do the voiceovers for them, if it meant free product. They help immensely.

Counting down the days to VO Atlanta...really crossing my fingers for some great opportunities out of there. Definitely will be posting videos and photos from the event on here.

Anyhow, it's good to be working again, and hopefully, there's more in the pipeline.



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