• Lee Goettl

Back to the Pain

Around 1998, I was playing a pickup basketball game at UWEC, when I was attending. I turned to shoot, then dropped to my knees in pain. I threw my back out. Jump ahead 2 years later, I'm playing basketball for the first time since the aforementioned game, and happens again. So I stopped playing basketball.

Flash ahead from my early 20's to my early 40's. Yes, I've had instances where I've definitely hurt my back a little bit, but twice now in the past year, I've had this unbearable pain. Today is one of those days.

Figured I'd write about it, since I can't do a whole lot else. Made me laugh, though, since I always was asked if I played basketball, when I was younger. Looking back, I should have realized that I'm a semi-real version of Mr. Glass from Unbreakable.

In VO news, completing my 8 book set, should be ready to purchase in a few weeks. Will be making a shift to fiction/character-based work soon, so wish me luck there. Taking baby steps.



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