• Lee Goettl


Hi everyone.

It's a busy week, once again, working on two different books. An old book in the public domain and another book on copywriting. A little different.

Getting closer to the Atlanta Voiceover Conference. SUPER excited for this, I haven't been to anything like this before, and everything that I've seen looks like an incredible experience. The hotel I'm at is the same one hosting the conference, so it's going to be a pretty convenient experience.

Debating if I should do some sort of on-location podcast or something to that effect while I'm there. Maybe a wrap-up on the day or something along those lines. The irony will be that I'll be hoarse at a VO conference, most likely. Once I get comfortable, it's hard to shut me up. And, I'm guessing a lot of the people there are the same way--introverts with an outrovert complex.

The journey there will involve a nice, long road trip. If you know me, you know I've done a cross-country move from Phoenix to Chicago (by car), then Chicago to Phoenix (by car) and then back, Phoenix to Eau Claire. I'm now a long-distance driving vet, by those standards, so this should be a walk in the park (although, this is my first trip driving down to ATL, so, if there's anything to know about Atlanta traffic, SOMEONE let me know.)

I'll try to blog more as it gets closer, and maybe even some dispatches from the trip.



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