• Lee Goettl

Another Week

Hiya everyone.

Another busy week. Thankfully! Plenty of material I'm working through.

Ended up inadvertently taking the weekend off, was up until 2 am (parenting--not anything wild), and didn't want my client to hear what I sound like imitating Steven Wright, so I figured this was a weekend to catch up on some R&R before diving back into the audiobook world for the foreseeable future.

I've been keeping an eye out for different avenues in the world of VO; since we're approaching 2020, there's been more and more call for political VO's. I'd be curious to try it.

Still mulling around podcast ideas. Maybe I'll just make a podcasts doing different podcasts. Local music one week, history the next, soccer on might work, it might not. A while back (I think it's going on 10 years...holy crap) I had one where it was all audio sketches. Some landed, some didn't. But, it was fun. And I was using nothing but a laptop and a USB mic.

Reading this week: Mindhunter

It's the basis for the Netflix show, which I haven't watched yet, and the guy who wrote it is a profiler for the FBI--they based 2 characters on Criminal Minds on him. An interesting cat.



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