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Newest acquisition, a boom arm for the mic. Looking good! Makes the room a bit more spacious.

Updates on other stuff: Back is much better. Not 100%, but definitely improved from a week ago. Ugh.

Finished my 8 book project, was really jazzed to complete that. Currently working on 3 other books, including my first fiction piece.


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I wish I was writing about the old Atari 2600 game. (that one was one of my favorites...that pixelated vine over pixelated gators triggers instant nostalgia) Instead, I'm writing about the pitfalls of

Summer's End

Hi all, catching the last warm days of the summer here (possibly?), getting prepped for all things fall, and looking forward to it. I used to love the summer, but man, oh man, living in AZ pretty much

The VO Connection

Hi everyone, hope the end of the summer months are treating you well. Had a great time while attending the MAVO Happy Hour yesterday, managed to luck out and win a half hour session with the truly gre


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