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After leaving a company I've spent over 10 years with, taking the plunge into the VO world was a risk, but one that I knew would pay off. The tradeoff? A normal work schedule no longer exists. The VO world is unforgiving, time is of the essence, and if you miss out on an audition; or are late to the party, too bad. Especially in the P2P world, where everyone is gunning for the same dollar.

If there's a lull in the auditions, then time to work on the website. Then the blog. Then you realize you need to make sure people know you exist, so you need to advertise. Facebook had some free ad credits, which was of some help. Knowing where to focus your ads is the trick, though.

That's where the rest of your free time (if you have any) is used up...research. Learn from the others that are better at this (for now, right?) as to how you're going to become a better VO artist and a better businessperson. I'm lucky that I was able to meet and work with some great people in this biz, like Michael Kinsey (a BIG help, the 4047 mic did and still does wonders for me), J. Michael Collins (his coaching alone, not to mention the forthcoming demos is worth every cent), Val Kelly from MAVO (the one Zoom social I attended was a lot of fun and gave some good insight), among others. There's no end to the learning, since the industry keeps changing. COVID has made a big difference in how things work in VO now, keeping people home and giving those with a home studio an advantage. I lucked out there. The downside is not being able to network with everyone in person. Eventually.

Ok, I've gone on long enough. Hope everyone is staying healthy, and here's to the upcoming MLS and Premiere League re-opening. Hopefully, Bournemouth beats the drop. #GoLoons


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